Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for

Robyn. She's a crazy writing maniac. "Nuff said?" (Pshaw to those kids at school who always asked me, "Hey Robyn. Where's Batman?") PSHAW, I say!

Rain. Writers write about this. Rain is a great thing to describe.

Ramble. Writers can tend to do this on and on? Say what??

React. What writers do everyday in one way or the other. (Of course, all living things do this too, but Iz had to make it go with writing. And I did. *high five*

Reality. Writers don't like to go there. It pulls them out of their writing and reading. *wink*

Really nice. What most writers are.

Rear. What writers put in chairs.

I'z on a roll here people. As you can see, R is not a hard letter for my writing theme.

Recook. What writers have to do to their stories sometimes. *grin*

Recount. What this writer does to word counts. That dang computer LIETH I tell you. I know I had 5000 words and the computer says I only wrote 500. It left a 0 out.


  1. I have another R. Writers read!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Really nice definitely applies to you Robyn:)

  3. Recook? I thought you were talking about my lunch today for a second.

  4. Really rad... Does anyone say rad anymore???

  5. I hate when the computer lies about word count. Hate it!!!!

    We have thousands of words to describe rain in Ireland. Keep your ears open, you are sure to hear a few.

  6. Good choice of R words! My fave is Robyn. She's pretty cool, you know. Matter of fact, I'm thinking she's the coolest of the 3 amigos.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  7. You are too funny! Great post and easy peasy R words!

  8. Love your R post, Robyn. Really, Really good. Blogging has made me Ramble less. Perhaps because I can write something small on each blog, but it adds up to a daily Ramble.

  9. Love the R words and the consistency with which you post. What a grand idea to do a blog following the alphabet... I just might have to copy write this idea for my own :)

  10. All great R words Robyn! I know all about that recooking :)


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