Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for...

Well this writer says it ONLY stands for NO when Ivy is asking for a panda hat. (What does she need with a panda hat?)

But unfortunately it is a writing word. A BAD, UGLY writing word. *sniff* It is usually attached to rejections. UGH. UGGGLLLLY! SO UGGGLLLLY. *shiver*


I've been through the mailbox bashing. (Hammer meets mailbox)

Nada. Same thang. Bad, bad word.  Naughty word. (Like how I used two N words there?) *it's your birthday*


Fellow writers, readers, and bookish type peeps. Negativity brings you down. It registers in your brain and goes to your toes. Never (another N word) (I'z on fire) accept negative thoughts. If you think like that, you're bound to feel like that and then negative things will come your way.

A P word.

Poo. You thought I was going to say positive. Made you look. Bwa ha ha ha


  1. I've never cared much for the word no, unless I'm saying it! I have the power!!!!

    Fun post! Made me lol :)

  2. No has it's positive/creative uses. And sometimes when we think a prayer has gone unanswered it's because the answer is no and we don't like to hear it.

  3. I never stopped to think about the word "NO" but you are right, it has a powerful negative content that I had often ignored-- maybe that has been good... :-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment. It's funny, but I'm also from Colombia, South America.


  4. You're a nutter! (see how I threw that N in there?) I hate all the negative N words. I think we should talk about poo more often because it's a funny word. hehe. Poo.

  5. Nobody likes hearing the n word but I need to learn to find creative ways to say it. I get sucked into things I don't have time for because I hate telling people I won't do stuff.

  6. I believe you can learn a lot from positive negatives.

  7. Sometimes you have to say No! Especially when it doesn't feel right. Standing up for yourself is all good!

  8. Sometimes No is positive. For writing, it forces one to look at how they should improve. With people, it's used to stand up for oneself.

    But when I first hear the word, I can't help but have negative feelings. I have to stand back and evaluate the situation to see the positive.

  9. Maybe the No really means Not yet.

  10. You always keep me on my toes with your clever posts :)

    I shiver with that word "rejection" too. Let's just throw it right out of the English language. What do you think??

    Hope you're feeling well today Robyn.

  11. Sometimes "no" can be positive, though it can be hard to see it that way at first. I've had early stories that I thought were wonderful, but now I am so thankful that they never saw the light of day!

  12. Thanks for this post It was awesome and sooo true!!! I've heard myself say no alot too.
    No, I haven't lost weight.
    No, we are not taking that vacation to Disney.
    No, they are not interested in publishing my story.....ugh! Blessings, Joanne

  13. I'm not a big fan of NO. I'm a bigger fan of YES.

  14. It is true that no often is negative and yes it reminds me of rejections too! But there is something amazing about the word hope isn't there? That we can believe in something and not loose hold of it because of hope. I think the sad thing is when hope is lost.

  15. Thanks for sharing your views on negativity, I also find myself sayiing NO a lot!


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